Step Into The Brown Light!

The Emperor of Chocolate Blog is the personal blog of His Royal Highness Ovaltine IV, Sovereign Emperor of All Chocolate, and Holy Defender of The Dessert Realms.

This blog is a chronologically-ordered collection of Imperial Musings and Royal Decrees on the subject of Chocolate (with an emphasis on quality), and its role as The World’s Most Luxurious Substance!

The posts you’ll find on this blog are set forth by The Emperor himself, in the spirit of his own Supreme Benevolence, so that you, the humble people of the realms, may learn more about True Chocolate, behold it in its many forms, and even reach out and touch it, transforming your previously tedious life into a magical journey of unimagined opulence and joy!

Fully aware that The Divine Luxury contained within these Royal Pages may come as a shock to the uninitiated, His Majesty ordains that protective goggles and/or wrist-restraints be worn by all newcomers to the blog, as to prevent sudden, acute over-luxuriation.

Thus commands The Emperor!

All who are prepared may enter, and bask in His Majesty’s Brown Radiance!


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