The Grand Tour

Once every year, I lay down the Royal Sceptre, shed my crown and Imperial Finery, and leave the bounds of the Dessert Realms to walk the mortal world disguised as a commoner in an attempt to get a feel for the “regular people” and catch a glimpse of “everyday life”.

I’m fascinated by the cultural differences of the many Duchies and Prefectures of your mortal realms. For example, did you know that in the nation of China, chicken feet are considered a delicacy, while in America, the bird’s ANUS is highly prized?

The same holds true with chocolate. Though enjoyed by all cultures, methods of consumption vary from region to region. For example, the Americans take big bites of their chocolate bars, chewing vigorously—enjoying the rush of high-volume luxury, whereas Europeans tend to savor their confections for longer periods of time, letting it melt in the mouth—sucking and rolling it around, swirling it like a fine wine.

So which style do you favor? American, European, or something completely different?

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